Day #2184 (Sun., Dec. 27, 2015) – Lego Dolphin Boat

Katie had a real desire for Moe’s so I drove by and picked up some lunch for her this afternoon. She had a free coupon for a meal as per her awards for being a Gatorific student a while back.

2015-12-27 - Lego Dolphin BoatThe photo to the right shows the Lego Dolphin Boat that Katie and my wife have been working on. It is easily her favorite Christmas gift. It takes a while to make as there are so many pieces. The nice thing is that the handiwork is fantastic and the instructions are so detailed that if you follow them it’s hard to mess up.

We called up AAA regarding the car battery in the van. It is dead. The guy who we bought the van from just got a new car battery in April so I drove out to Auto Zone with my receipt. They replaced it no charge.

This evening there was a Christmas Party at Genevieve’s house. Little Bobby slept late so I stayed home with him while my wife and Katie went ahead. When he finally woke up I called up my wife and she came over to pick him up. With my bad knee it is hard to carry him…I can barely walk myself.

Katie was the perfect hostess at the party. Greeting the kids and making sure that they had food. She’s really such a wonderful girl.