Day #2183 (Sat., Dec. 26, 2015) – Boxing Day

I’m feeling a bit better so I decided that Katie and I would have Daddy/Daughter Day #36 today. There doesn’t seem to be much out there in the way of movies, and she has been looking for people to play with her, so I decided we would stay at home and play with her presents. I did go to Trader Joe’s before hand to pick up some munchies that she would like. Munchies like chips and lemonade. My wife asked me to pick up some green grapes and cheeses for Genevieve’s Christmas Party tomorrow as well.

2015-12-26 - Electric Circuit KitWe started off on the dining room table playing with the circuit set she got (see photo to the left) while my wife took a nap. This soon migrated to the Lego Dolphin Cruise Boat she got which was on the floor next to the hallway. I had a hard time getting up to feed little Bobby (knee is not the best) so I accidentally spilt coke all over some of the Lego parts. A bath in water and a quick dry off and “voila”…good as new…

This evening I put some of the tea tree oil that Arnesa gave me on my pillow before I went to bed. It sure is strong. My wife has been using it as well.

Off all the features that the “light up” toolbox I got little Bobby for Christmas, he seems to like the red handle the most. I think this is because he can grab it and throw the toolbox about.