Day #2188 (Thu., Dec. 31, 2015) – Birthday Party Supplies

Another day of rain. It certainly has been a very “non-white” Christmas with nary a snowflake in sight. When our December’s are this way I’ve learned to watch out for January… Time will tell…

My wife took Katie shopping for birthday supplies this morning. They went to the Dollar Store and then to Michael’s to pick up plates and cups and paper and other supplies for Katie’s birthday party. Hard to believe that our little girl will be turning six.

2015-12-31 - Drawing My Little PonyWhen my wife got home she was tired so I tended to the kids while she took a nap. Little Bobby was in one of those moods where he needed to be played with lest he start to cry, but Katie did a wonderful job of helping me out. She played hide-and-seek with little Bobby amidst the “Around-We-Go” (similar to the jumperoo) and he would howl with delight. They both love each other so much. Let’s hope this relationship continues as they get older. Katie did find some time to draw “My Little Pony” as per a YouTube video (see photo to the left).

You have to keep your eyes on little Bobby like a hawk these days. He will find little specs of dust and “whatever” on the rug and into his mouth it goes. He doesn’t yet realize that not everything is good to eat.