Day #2189 (Fri., Jan 1, 2016) – Birthday Cake Candles

Happy New Year!

My wife showed me that little Bobby is now able to raise his tummy off the ground with his arms. He will be walking soon? Hard to believe that we were in a mad rush to get the basement ready for Katie’s Lego table as little Bobby was “supposed” to be crawling by this stage… You never know with kids.

Little Bobby is becoming extremely attached to me these days. When I leave the room he will start to cry.

We kept making food for Katie today but she will not eat. When my wife put a bowl of shreaded carrots near her I joked that Katie didn’t realize she was to eat them…she made a pet out of them. They were both sitting in the LazyBoy, side by side, watching television.

2016-01-01 - Birthday CandlesMy wife was able to get through to the birthday cake maker this afternoon. She is going to make a white cake with chocolate frosting in the shape of a painter’s pallette. The theme of Katie’s birthday party this year will be “Arts & Crafts”, so this is an appropriate design.

I went to see the movie “The Hateful Eight” this evening at the new SilverSpot Theater (in the mall where Dillards used to be). Almost $15 a ticket but the chairs are like LazyBoys. I stopped off at Harris-Tetter beforehand to get some birthday candles for Katie’s birthday cake (see photo to the right).