Day #2190 (Sat., Jan 2, 2016) – Shopping For Party Supplies

2016-01-02 - Baking CookiesGetting ready for Katie’s birthday tomorrow. Arnesa is driving back from New York with her husband today and will be helping with the arts & crafts tomorrow. Kasey came over for a couple of hours to help bake cookies and such (see photo to the right).

My job today was doing errands. I went to Sam’s Club where I picked up sliced fruit, meat and veggie trays, and goldfish crackers and granola mix. I also picked up my new glasses while I was there and got an email that I could return the television in our bedroom for a refund.

On the way home I stopped off at Party City to see about getting some larger birthday candles (the ones I got last night were too small). They didn’t have any larger candles, but I was able to get some small ones that spelled out “Happy Birthday” and a “Number 6” candle.

Last stop was at Trader Joe’s. The place was packed as people are returning to Chapel Hill from their holidays. I got some tomatoes and other party foods.

My knee was shot by the time I got home so I wasn’t able to do much more preparation. I did tend to little Bobby, who had his first taste of peanut butter. He seemed to like it.