Day #2193 (Tue., Jan 5, 2016) – Salt Water Taffy Box

Today was the first day in quite a while in which I drove Katie to school. With my cold/flu and knee problems my wife has been taking her to school. Then there was the two week “school break”. She told me today that she missed Miss Randby. Her Chinese teachers, well, not so much…

2016-01-05 - Present From WorkThis evening I went to Trader Joe’s to get some avocados and bananas. Bananas were in good supply but I got the last two avocados in the store. Looks like they are still having problems with the trucks arriving as a lot of the produce and fruit section was barren.

There was a little box (see photo to the left) with some salt water taffy in it at work so I took it home for Katie. She loved the box but hated the peppermint taste of the candies. Funny…she loved the taste of the candy cane that she got at Kai’s birthday a few weeks ago.