Day #2192 (Mon., Jan 4, 2016) – Katie’s 6th Birthday

Today is Katie’s actual birthday. We had her party yesterday as today is a school day.

This morning I had a lab appointment to get blood work done and another appointment to meet the surgeon who will be doing my knee operation on Thursday. My wife met with the doctor to get antibiotics for her sore throat. We sure are visiting the doctors a lot these days.

2016-01-04 - GlobeWhen I got home this evening we gave Katie her birthday present, a globe (see photo to the left). She seemed a bit “underwhelmed” with it so we had to explain it to her. With all the Legos and exciting presents she got yesterday I guess this non-flashy gift was not up to par…

Katie wanted cupcakes and my wife wanted bananas and avocados so I went to Trader Joe’s for supplies. I was able to get everything but the avocados. The Trader Joe’s truck didn’t make it and a lot of the produce shelves were bare as a result.

When I got home I went to bed as my leg was bothering me. My wife woke me up around 9:30pm as she was exhausted. I took over tending to little Bobby. He wouldn’t eat for me, but did munch on some Cheerios. He also had some milk. We ended up playing with the wooden bus and figurines I brought out for him yesterday. Katie never took to it much…but little Bobby loves it.