Day #2204 (Sat., Jan 16, 2016) – Snow White Dance

Katie wanted to watch Spiderman this morning for some reason so I brought up some of the old 1967 cartoon series from YouTube on the television.

2016-01-16 - Snow WhiteMy wife took Katie to a dance production of “Snow White” at East Chapel Hill High School this afternoon. It cost $8 per person (i.e.: $16 total) but I guess it was well worth it. Katie loved it…at least the “being in the audience” part. She told me that she gets nervous on stage and I told her that everyone does. I reminded her of how she said she was not good with numbers and now she can count to 100 before we even reach MLK each morning. I told her that if she is not good at something just keep on doing it, you will be.

It’s hard for me to get up and down but little Bobby sure loves it when I get down on the floor with him to play. We got to spend a lot of time together this afternoon when the “girls” were out.

My wife and I often use the phrase of “somebody” when referring to Katie. Such as “somebody is getting tired” when we don’t want her to know that we are referring to her. Well this evening she got very upset with this…said I was calling her names (i.e.: “somebody”).