Day #2203 (Fri., Jan 15, 2016) – Katie’s Homework

I took Katie to Glenwood this morning. She can count to 100 rather quickly now…by the time we leave our neighborhood and get onto MLK. I was telling her that when I was in elementary school we had art and gym on Fridays.

2016-01-15 - HomeworkThe photo to the left shows an example of Katie’s homework. She was writing out “Hey Diddle Diddle”. That’s a black cat in the drawing…

There was a nice box at work that used to house deluxe chocolates. I took this home for Katie. Katie likes nice boxes. She was disappointed that there were no chocolates inside.

The thrush on little Bobby’s tongue is almost all gone. It’s quite a challenge to get him to open wide so that my wife can swab his tongue with medicine. Usually I need to hold his hands and aim the flashlight into his mouth to help her.

Katie wanted to watch “Barney Visits The Doctor” this evening. My wife said that this is one of the children’s shows that she hates the most as the kids are so “cheesy”.

Tonight was one of the first nights this week in which Genevieve and Gunther didn’t show up at our house. Genevieve says that when she takes Gunther out for a walk he wants to come here for a visit.