Day #2202 (Thu., Jan 14, 2016) – Wooden Bus

2016-01-14 - Wooden BusThe photo to the left shows the wooden bus toy that Katie had years ago. She didn’t play with it much, but little Bobby seems to love it.

My wife took Katie to Glenwood this morning so I got the chance to have an extra hour sleep.

When I got home from work little Bobby was sleeping. When he got up he was crying and it took a while for him to get adjusted to his new surroundings. Katie was bounding about and falling down…which little Bobby loved. He loves any sort of “action” from Katie. I was telling him that she was a blonde haired fish that was swimming in the ocean and would transform into a jellyfish (hence she had no bones and fell down).

I went to see the therapist this afternoon and he gave me some exercises for my knee. Little by little, day by day, it is getting better.

Genevieve brought Gunther over for a visit this evening. Little Bobby loved all the noise and action that was happening with both Katie and Gunther around.