Day #2201 (Wed., Jan 13, 2016) – Little Bobby Has Thrush Tongue

My wife took Katie to Glenwood this morning so that I could sleep in. My knee is getting better and better by the day, but still not 100%.

2016-01-13 - Thrush TongueWhen I got home from work this evening Katie was bounding about the living room singing Chinese songs (effectively doing her Chinese homework). She told me that she got into the “chocolate wafer cookies”…perhaps this is the reason for all the energy. Helen came over for a play date as well, so perhaps that contributed.

Well, little Bobby has “Thrush Tongue” (see photo to the right). My wife talked to his doctor and he confirmed it. I guess this is not uncommon when the mother has been on antibiotics, which my wife was on for the flu a while back. It took quite a while to get this photo…it is actually a still from a little movie snapshot. It’s hard to get little Bobby to “open up” sometimes.