Day #2200 (Tue., Jan 12, 2016) – “Crawling” Forward

I drove Katie to Glenwood this morning. She mentioned how people were not around when dinosaurs roamed the earth. This got a conversation going about how Jurassic Park is a movie based upon how dinosaurs are brought back to life to live with humans.

I left work early today. My leg is still not 100%. All three nannies managed to work at our house today. Such is the life of raising two kids.

2016-01-12 - Ready To CrawlLittle Bobby has started to “crawl forward”…if you can call it that (see photo to the left). Not too dramatic I might add…but at least he is up on all fours and going a step or two…

Genevieve and Gunther came over for a visit this evening. We learned that Laura down the road had a baby girl. Her son Wyatt wanted a baby sister.

I’ve started a new trick that little Bobby loves. I put my finger in my mouth and then release it with a big “pop”. He will grin from ear to ear.