Day #2199 (Mon., Jan 11, 2016) – Whining Little Bobby

2016-01-11 - Chewed DolphinThe photo to the left shows the dolphin squeeze toy that little Bobby has been chewing on. Long gone are the dorsal fin and nose…

I decided to work from home today. I’m not feeling sleepy anymore as I have stopped taking oxycodone, but my leg is not as stable as I would like.

We called up Katie and little Bobby’s doctor at noon today. We wanted to talk about Katie and how to coax her to spend more time with children who would be a positive influence on her and less time on “others”. He said that by relating experiences in our own lives, and looking for teaching moments, that should get the job done. In other words, keep on the course we are currently taking. We pretty well figured as much, but wanted to make sure that we didn’t have any “blind spots” that we would regret in the years to come.

He also said not to worry about Katie being too sensitive to be a veterinarian. Just let her go on that path and if she decided by high school it’s not for her at least we didn’t discourage her.

I had my annual physical at my doctor’s office this afternoon.

It’s hard to get down onto the carpet to play with little Bobby, but he will be fussy if I don’t. This evening I managed to get down onto the carpet and his whining stopped immediately. I should correct myself, it’s getting up off the carpet that is much harder than getting down on the carpet to begin with.