Day #2198 (Sun., Jan 10, 2016) – Homework For Daddy

I’ve stopped taking both oxycodone and the nausea medicine so I no longer feel sleepy. I’m using ibuprofen now for my knee pain. I’m mobile now, but I do find it hard to get up and down.

We’re running low on groceries so my wife took Katie to Trader Joe’s for supplies.

2016-01-10 - HomeworkMy wife went to bed for a nap this afternoon and I tended to the kids. Katie had a special “homework” session for me where I tell a story and draw some pictures to support what I am saying (see photo to the left).

We have to watch little Bobby like a hawk today. I noticed that he was chewing on something and saw that he bit the end off a little dolphin squeeze toy that I got at the Open Source conference a few weeks ago.

Little Bobby was whining quite a bit so I managed to get down on the floor with him and the whining stopped.

My wife ran out of milk for little Bobby this evening. She gave him some goat’s milk mixed with her milk and that seemed to do the trick.