Day #2212 (Sun., Jan 24, 2016) – Helen Comes To Play

TJ’s in the AM. Katie wants Cheese Cake. I forgot whip cream but I did get heavy whipping cream so we can make our own.

2016-01-24 - Into The GamesLittle Bobby got into the board games this morning (see photo to the right). This is one of the drawbacks of him being more mobile…he can get into anything and everything.

Helen came to play with Katie this afternoon. For some reason they had a rope tied between each other and were tugging each other around the house. I asked them if they wanted a hot dog and they each said that they wanted one to start. At the end of the day they each had 3.5 hot dogs, and Katie had a slice of pizza. Just before Helen left they were munching on a bowl of gold fish.

There was a bit of drama when I got up to get the hot dogs. When I got back they were both in my chair and Katie said that Helen wanted to watch television. I told them that I was watching football and that the reason Helen came over was so that they could have a play date, not watch television. In the end I discovered that Helen wanted to watch the football game, not cartoons. It never occurred to me that Helen wanted to watch football…Katie hates it.

Daddy’s ole’ knees are suffering from little Bobby’s desire for attention. When my wife puts him down on the carpet he will work his way over to the LazyBoy and tug on my pant leg til I get down on the carpet and play with him. It’s the getting up and down that is really killing my knees…not so much the walking on them.