Day #2215 (Wed., Jan 27, 2016) – Asking One Time

We were late to school today as Katie would not listen to mommy at her first request to have Katie put her rain boots on. When we got to Glenwood there was a huge lineup of cars and buses and we almost didn’t make the allotted end time to drop kids off at the door.

On the drive to Glenwood Katie started asking me questions about the snow on the side of the road and why it was not white. I told her that this was because the snow plow pushed everything that was on the road to the side and often it was dirt and mud. This mixed with the snow made that “mush” she was seeing.

When we finally got to Glenwood we got stuck behind the lineup as previously mentioned. This looked like a good teachable moment so I took the time to explain to Katie that she needed to learn to do what mommy and daddy said after only one request. I said that many people, like her future bosses, will only ask once and if you do not respond they will not ask again. In the case of a boss she might find herself fired.

2016-01-27 - Rings in PJ'sThis “firing” comment lead to the discussion about what that meant. I said that the boss would not ask you to come to work for him again and this meant you would not be getting any money. This would mean you had no money to pay the rent or pay for food and this being the case you could find yourself hungry in the “mush” on the side of the road because you have no home to live in. She responded that there were places for people to go who were like that (how does she know that?). I responded that they were often full and back to the “mush” she hated so much…

So, I asked her if she had learned her lesson and would respond to the first request from mommy and daddy. She said yes, but I’m sure there will be a lot of reinforcement needed.

The last person (whoever that was) that put little Bobby into his onesie didn’t realize that they also put in the rings that he plays with (see photo to the right).

I was holding little Bobby on my lap this evening and he would scream whenever I put him on the floor. I’ve created a monster… 🙂