Day #2216 (Thu., Jan 28, 2016) – Getting Into Baby Food

I dropped Katie off at school this morning. Jack was taking Eleri to school at the same time and I thought we might meet up.

2016-01-28 - Into The Baby FoodLittle Bobby got into his baby food this morning. Sometimes my wife will take him to the kitchen when she washes dishes. He’s fine playing with toys mostly…but sometimes he gets into things he shouldn’t.

My wife went to Katie’s school this afternoon as they were having a collective birthday party for those kids who were born in January. I could not make it and my knee was bothering me but my wife updated me in the evening as to what happened. Linda from the Friends Of MDL Program was there. She just happens to be the home room parent for Katie’s class.

This evening I pulled the high chair over to the LazyBoy so that I could feed little Bobby. He really wasn’t into eating that much. He did love the little stuffed white tiger that I found in the bedroom though.

We learned that Genevieve & Steven had a little boy, Russell, yesterday. Someone else for little Bobby to play with.