Day #2217 (Fri., Jan 29, 2016) – Saying “Bye Bye”

2016-01-29 - Patio LatticeEverett came by the other day and installed lattice on the patio screening. The dogs and cats in the area have been having a field day with how easy it has been to enter and get out without this layer of protection.

My knee was bothering me this morning so I decided to work from home today. My wife took Katie to school. I drove down to WalGreens to get a bandage to wrap ice on my knee. That should help (I hope).

Kasey came over this morning to take care of little Bobby. We thought he might not remember her but he did.

We got a letter in Katie’s backpack this evening that Mrs. Randby was leaving Glenwood. My wife and Katie started to cry and this set little Bobby off. Soon I was the only one in the house that was not crying.

Big milestone for little Bobby this evening. As my wife was taking him to bed this evening he said “Bye Bye” in response to our saying “Bye Bye”. It was pretty clear to both my wife and I that this was what he said.