Day #2237 (Thu., Feb. 18, 2016) – Stacking Toy For Little Bobby

There was a delayed opening of Glenwood this morning so I took Katie to school around 9:15am. She did extremely well counting to 100 this morning. In fact, she almost finished before I got out of the driveway.

2016-02-18 - Stacking ToyMy wife picked up a new stacking toy for little Bobby (see photo to the right). He didn’t take to it much with all the remote controls and other electronic gadgets around.

I took little Bobby to the big electric piano this evening and he took to it with gusto.

It’s getting real hard to keep up with little Bobby once he starts crawling. It’s going to be even harder once he starts walking about.

This is going to be a big weekend with Zoey’s birthday on Saturday and Gunther’s birthday on Sunday. Wait til both little Bobby and Katie get to going to birthday parties… All of our weekends will be jam packed… I joked that once they both get eating goat’s milk we will need to buy a goat to save money.