Day #2236 (Wed., Feb. 17, 2016) – Little Bobby vs. Paint & Glue

2016-02-17 - Skeleton DollThe photo to the left shows the blow up skeleton doll that Genen gave Katie.

My wife gave me a call this afternoon and asked if I could speak to Katie. Katie was crying to much to talk but apparently she was upset that my wife would not let her bring home two large rocks from the school yard. I told Katie that we would discuss it this evening.

Plans were for both my wife and Katie to get a haircut this afternoon but apparently CiCi does not work on Wednesdays.

This evening Katie was in a really “wild energetic” mood. She was running around the house like mad and laughing and carrying on. Such a stark departure from this afternoon’s phone call I asked how much chocolate she ate?

I guess that Arnesa heard a dog bark and asked if that was Gunther (she meant Ginger). Katie picked up on this and it was the running joke. Arnesa was asking for more and I told Katie that she said she heard a cat and was wondering if it was Gunther. Katie was having great fun at all this laughing.

Katie left out a wet painting she did in the play area and little Bobby got into it. The paint and glue were all over him. Luckily it came off with a quick bath. I had to explain to Katie how this area was a “safe zone” in that everything inside it was okay for little Bobby to play with or touch.