Day #2251 (Thu., Mar. 3, 2016) – “Occupation Day” At Glenwood

2016-03-03 - Veterinarian & Zoo KeeperMy wife took Katie to school this morning so that she could attend the PTA meeting. I forgot all about her taking Katie so I woke up at 7am…rat’s I was tired and could have used the extra sleep.

At any rate, today was “occupation day” at Katie’s school. All the kids were to dress up in the profession that they want to be when they grow up. Katie of course dressed up as a zoo keeper/veterinarian (see photo to the left). My wife told me that as Katie entered the classroom, 10 kids just stopped t stared at her, making her really uncomfortable. She almost started to cry, saying – ‘why are you starting at me?’. Apparently they just thought her outfit was cool and they wanted to know what she was! Elle smoothed the situation telling that she is an art person. It really reinforced the policy of taking Katie to school early – the longer time she has to adjust, the better.

We learned that they have found someone to replace Ms. Randby. She was approved last week and will start within a month. Apparently NC has a policy of 30 days notice UNLESS the other school can hire somebody sooner. She is moving from the coastal area since her grandkids are here.

Little Bobby had a play date today. Kristin, our former nanny, brought by the little boy that she babysits.