Day #2265 (Thu., Mar. 17, 2016) – St. Patrick’s Day

2016-03-17 - St. Patrick's DayThis is actually Bobby’s second “St. Patrick’s Day”, but he was so young last year and we were so tired I bet this is the first time this could be the first time we “celebrated” it. Katie wore a green St. Patrick’s Day shirt that my wife picked up at the consignment sale (see photo to the right).

I dropped my wife off at work and then took Katie to school this morning. There was a delayed opening so I didn’t have to leave til 9:15am.

This morning Kasey, our nanny, sent my wife a text that Tim came running by asking about Ginger. We were afraid she got hit by a car, but apparently she must have followed Tim to Estes and a woman brought her home, so all is good.

This evening I gave Bobby a couple of straws to play with. He likes to munch on them. He was so tired that he was having a hard time keeping his head off the ground. One time he had a straw in his mouth when his head hit the ground and did he ever screech. Who would have thought that something as innocent as a straw could be harmful.

Bobby woke up around 11pm crying. We’re not sure why but he seems to be crying more as of late…perhaps because of his visit to the doctor earlier this week. At any rate we let him watch his “Baby Genius – Nursery Rhymes” show on the tv in the bedroom and that calmed him down. It’s nice to have a show like this to take his mind off his aches & pains.