Day #2264 (Wed., Mar. 16, 2016) – Katie’s New Teacher

Katie counted to 100 before we left the house this morning.

We got the following note from Katie’s school:


Dear Parents,

I am excited to share that Ms. Sheryl Bauer will join our Kindergarten Dual Language team on Monday, March 21st. Ms. Bauer is an experienced kindergarten teacher having taught in Indiana and in North Carolina. She has also taught fourth grade in Pennsylvania. Ms. Bauer has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Goshen College in Indiana and a Masters of Science in Elementary Education from Indiana University. Ms. Bauer is also Nationally Board Certified in Early Childhood. Please welcome her to the classroom on Monday!

We would also like to say thank you to Ms. Shealy and Ms. Gondek for all their work to support students as we awaited Ms. Bauer’s arrival. Ms. Shealy’s last day will be Friday, March 18th.


Dr. Ryan


2016-03-16 - New LightI got a new turn indicator light for my 1995 Camry at noon today (see photo to the left). The old one just “rusted out” and fell off somewhere due to the age of the car.

My wife took Bobby to the doctor today. Here’s the report:


The appointment went well, poor Bobby got a shot and a finger prick He cried soooo much… Dr Homan said to his student that Bobby is the most laid-back kid in their practice. And kids like him are the reason to choose pediatrics – you get to play and don’t need to change diapers. I asked about being peed on – he said that he keeps an extra shirt in the office… Our nurse had a trainee. I didn’t let her give Bobby a shot – I asked our regular nurse to do that. The trainee couldn’t even measure Bobby’s head circumference… And I think she got his height totally wrong – he went from the 50th to 95th percentile. :))) It looked to me that she measured him from head to toes and not head to heal. Well, in 3 months he has an appointment again, we’ll see.