Day #2263 (Tue., Mar. 15, 2016) – Super Tuesday

2016-03-15 - Missing BookKatie brought a book home from the school library and we have been searching for it for weeks. We thought it might be another book…but the photo to the left shows the one we need to find.

It’s “Super Tuesday” here in North Carolina. It appears that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are leading the pack. The future of us all hangs in the balance…

When I got home from work Katie and Bobby were in the wading pool in the screened in porch area. Balls, balls, balls all around. Bobby seems to really like the water. I gave Katie a twizzler that I got from work but it was bad timing…she had not eaten her dinner yet.

This evening my wife found the book that Katie brought from school. Luckily we found out that there are no fines for overdue library books in elementary school…only replacement of books if they are lost or damaged.

Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump won big in the “Super Tuesday” voting today.