Day #2262 (Mon., Mar. 14, 2016) – Hail Stones

2016-03-14 - Juil Lan's GiftThe photo to the left shows Bobby playing with one of the toy cars that our neighbors Jui-Lan and Mike gave him for his birthday.

Katie went to bed soon after coming home from her walk with Gabby yesterday and my wife had to wake her up this morning. She was exhausted. I told her that she held the sleep record and was my hero. We got a good laugh out of that.

I stopped off at Target at noon today to get some #5 diapers for Bobby.

We were running out of milk so I went to Whole Foods this evening for supplies. They didn’t have any baby buckwheat, but I was able to get a bag of buckwheat groats in bulk. Also a case of goat’s milk.

As I was leaving Whole Foods it started to rain. By the time I got home it was really coming down and I heard warning signals on the radio as I was driving home. By the time I got home there was thunder and lightning and hail stones. Katie happened to be up so we showed her what hale looked like.

We had problems putting both kids to bed this evening. Perhaps due to the thunder, lightning, or the sound of the hail hitting the roof of the house. I was playing with Bobby on the carpet this evening and trying to feed him at the same time. He was more interested in playing than eating but all of a sudden he grabbed for the baby food. It went all over. Is he ever quick when he wants to be.