Day #2261 (Sun., Mar. 13, 2016) – Little Red Wagon

2016-03-13 - Red WagonThe photo to the right shows the wagon that Bobby got for his birthday (see photo to the right).

Katie was acting very strange this morning. We’re wondering if the party was too much for her yesterday. Perhaps it was because no kids showed up to play with? At any rate, it was nice when Gabby and Anna came over to play. At one point they ran back to the house and forgot Anna. My wife heard a rustling in Katie’s room and realized that they left her behind.

Gabby’s family went for a walk on the trail behind their house. Katie was not going to join them at first because she was mad at Gabby (i.e.: Gabby threw a frisbee for Ginger causing Katie, who was holding Ginger’s leash at the time, to fall down). After an apology off she went. She did not come home til after 5pm and boy was she ever tired. She had some pizza and then went right to bed.

I spent the day running errands. We needed sandwich and freezer bags at Sam’s Club and my wife needed things to get returned to Kohl’s and Old Navy. On the way home I stopped off at Trader Joe’s to get Katie a pizza and some frozen veggies for my wife.

It was hard to put Bobby to sleep this evening. There was lots of thunder and lightning…I wonder if that was keeping him up?