Day #2260 (Sat., Mar. 12, 2016) – Bobby’s 1st Birthday Party

Today is the big day for Bobby’s birthday party. We were hoping to have more people show up but a lot of people cancelled at the last minute due to the nice weather. In the end no children showed up, but Bobby had a great time mingling with the adults in his midst.

Bobby weighted in at: 28 lbs 4.5 oz (12830 g) this morning.

2016-03-12 - Owl CakeArnesa made a wonderful chocolate cake in the shape of a “Hoot” Owl (see photo to the left). I don’t think that there could have been a more fitting design for Bobby giving his “Hooting” throughout the year. Arnesa mentioned that she has never met a child who “Hooted” the way he does. Our Bobby is unique.

Here’s all who came to the party: Arnesa & Genen, Kasey, Lucy, Mike & Jui-Lan. I made hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and there was plenty of salad and fruits and of course that “Hoot” cake. Little Bobby got his first taste of chocolate today. my wife cut a piece of cake for him and let him “play” (i.e.: make a mess) with it. Some of it ended up in his mouth and judging from his face he was pleasantly surprised with the taste.

Little Bobby went up to Jui-Lan at one point. I guess he was a bit cautious at first, but since he has met her on his wagon trips around the neighborhood he soon warmed up. Mike & Jui-Lan bought him a wonderful present…a set of “wind up” cars. Lucy gave Bobby & Katie each a gift card to Target for $25.

Both my wife and I felt bad that there were no kids for Katie to play with today. Genevieve & Steven are out of town with the kids this weekend and Gabby and Anna had Polish lessons. Katie didn’t complain mind you…she is such a great kid and a wonderful sister to her baby brother. Genen spent some time playing with her which was nice.