Day #2259 (Fri., Mar. 11, 2016) – Happy Birthday Bobby!

2016-03-11 - Radio Flyer WagonOur son turned one today. When I got up he was sitting in his new wagon (see photo to the left) with his sister Katie. We will be having a birthday party for him tomorrow.

I lost my thumb drive this morning. I’m sure I put it in my bag but when I got to work it was not there. When I drove home to look for it I saw Arnesa taking little Bobby out for a stroll. That wagon is such a delight as it is extremely maneuverable.

In the end it was on Katie’s bed. Little Bobby crawled into her room this morning and when I went to get him I guess it fell out of my bag.

I left work early this afternoon as I was not feeling well. I got up around 6:30pm and helped my wife put the kids to bed. I was planning on going to groceries at TJ’s, but my wife already went as she thought I might be sick.

Just before my wife put Katie to bed she came out to the living room exclaiming “Katie found it”. She found my thumbdrive on her bed. It must have fallen out of the bag when I was sitting on it before work this morning.

I thought I might need to go out and get a big candle tonight for Bobby’s cake, but as it turns out Arnesa will have one on top of the cake that she is bringing tomorrow.

Around 9pm Katie came bounding out of the bedroom…she was hungry. My wife gave her a banana and she watched a bit of television with daddy and then off to bed again.