Day #2271 (Wed., Mar. 23, 2016) – Arnesa Is Pregnant

2016-03-23 - Bobby WatchingThe photo to the right shows Bobby saying bye to daddy as he goes to work. I flash the lights on the car as I leave and honk the horn once I am out on the street (so as to not hurt Bobby’s ears).

My emailed me when I was at work. Arnesa is pregnant. Wonder if she will still take care of Katie/Bobby when the baby arrives?

Ms. Shealy responded to Katie’s email last night:


Oh, Laura, That’s so sweet. I enjoyed spending so much time with them their first year in school! I will see Katie tomorrow. I am subbing in 5th grade DL. I also corresponded with Mrs. Bauer yesterday and have volunteered to help her with lesson plans until she gets her feet on the ground.

Meanwhile, let Katie know that I am really busy with work. I edit for researchers, most of whom don’t have English as a first language. Most are Chinese. I help them publish in English language journals or publish books in English. They are very nice people, who did not have the chance Katie does of learning two languages at an early age. This week I am working for University of Hong Kong, UNC Biology, UNC Nursing and Ohio State University.

I work at home, and my girls love that because I get laundry done and big suppers prepared.



Bobby enjoys spending time with Katie more and more. Once he can walk she will not be able to get away from him. She finds this thought exciting right now, but wait til he starts to destroy her stuff.