Day #2270 (Tue., Mar. 22, 2016) – Bobby Drinks Goat’s Milk

2016-03-22 - Looking Out The WindowThe photo to the left shows Katie and Bobby enjoying the view out our back window.

I was awoken this morning when Katie brought Ginger to the bedroom. Apparently she had gotten lose again. Just before I got into the car to take Katie to Glenwood Genevieve arrived to take Ginger home. In all the excitement we forgot about Katie’s counting til we reached the edge of the UNC campus. She counted 1-100 no problems…not even the 59…80 issue we have been having as of late. I asked her why she did so much better today and the consensus was that she concentrated.

Later in the evening Katie came out of her bedroom and stated that she missed Ms. Shealy and wanted to send her an email. Here’s the email my wife crafted:

Hi Ms. Shealy,

Katie misses you very much and asked me to send this note:

“I miss you, Ms. Shealy, thank you for teaching us. We really appreciate that. It was fun having you. That you for being a sub. I hope you like your new job. I am really happy that you were a sub.

Love, Katie”


Bobby has started to drink goat’s milk. I guess when he had his first taste of the stuff he pushed the bottle away with a “what’s this stuff” look on his face. At any rate, he’s up and running and drinking the stuff now. As a result I had to go to Whole Foods and get another six 1/2 gallons this evening.