Day #2273 (Fri., Mar. 25, 2016) – Purchasing Easter Eggs

2016-03-25 - Easter EggsI went to Sam’s Club at noon today and picked up a package of small Easter eggs (see photo to the right). We will be scattering them around the house for Easter Sunday for our egg hunt (as it is supposed to rain). They used to have the Easter egg display out front but for some reason, this weekend before Easter, they hid them in the back of the store. Go figure…

Wife home all day. Katie was at school. Two long walks in the stroller. More control over it rather than dragging in the stroller.

Kasey will be leaving us. She is thinking of going to work at a daycare in Mexico for the summer and then back to Vermont to be with her family. She has a semester left of her classes in community college to get into UNC.

Dzenen made an appointment for Arnesa to see a doctor next Wednesday. I might have to leave work early in order to help her.