Day #2274 (Sat., Mar. 26, 2016) – Fixing The Baby Gate

2016-03-26 - Gate LatchWhen I got up this morning my wife had already been coloring Easter eggs with Katie. Katie is really into Easter this year…as she is with any holiday really. She likes parties and making decorations for them.

My wife was tired and went to bed so I took care of Katie while Bobby slept. We had another game of Rat Race. Katie won this one.

This afternoon I put a latch on the baby gate (see photo to the left) so Bobby cannot get to hallway. He has learned how to jiggle the gate and get the door loose, but this will prevent that.

Katie has too much energy today so I took her to Kidzoo (Daddy/Daughter Day #41). I stopped off for gas and got some Twizzlers beforehand. She spent lot of time at the kitchen area. She wanted to put apron on anyone who worked in the kitchen. She would yell out to the people “There is food here if anyone wants it” and took great joy in taking their pretend money. Perhaps all these Rat Race games are paying off?

On the way home I picked up a “White Pizza” and Greek salad at Alfredos. Katie wanted to eat there so we did. You have to take the opportunity to feed her when you can.

Katie was really tired this evening and was out by 6:30pm. I spent the evening hiding the Easter eggs I got at Sam’s Club on Friday and making a treasure map so we knew where they were.