Day #2275 (Sun., Mar. 27, 2016) – Hunting For Easter Eggs

2016-03-27 - Easter Egg MapKatie was very excited to roam around the house and get Easter eggs this morning. It was raining today, that’s why we hid the eggs inside as opposed to outdoors. Of course Bobby was crawling around after her…he wanted to find Easter eggs as well. It was nice to have a map (see photo to the left) so that we knew where they all were…32 of them in all!

Bobby really enjoyed the plastic case that they came in. He also likes to nibble on the cat’s springs.

Bobby has been really fussy in the nights as of late. We think he might be getting sick. My wife was real tired this morning so I took care of the kids while she had a nap. I put some Easter videos on for Katie courtesy of YouTube. We also made some Easter decorations.

Katie was doing her homework this evening and just stared at the computer screen. All of a sudden she said that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. She was out by 5:30pm…she must be getting sick. Bobby’s nose was running this evening so he is getting sick as well.

I”m trying to find time to do the taxes but it’s tough with two kids. I’ve been up in the middle of the night doing them.