Day #2285 (Wed., Apr. 6, 2016) – Fixing The Dining Room Chair

2016-04-06 - Fixed ChairThere was a PTA meeting at Glenwood this morning so my wife took Katie to school. Daddy got a chance to sleep in this morning as a result.

My wife and I attended a parenting session at Chapel Hill Library this morning. They provided Panera Bread bagels for breakfast and Jason’s Deli for lunch. The program was “interesting”… It seemed that we knew more than those teaching it. Well, we did learn a couple of things… Topics included:
1) Showing a special “Stop Sign” to get kids to do their chores.
2) The difference between “Natural vs. Logical Causes”.

I fixed the dining room chair this evening (see photo to the left). Bobby was eating in the chair next to me so he got a chance to see some carpentry work. When we let him out of his chair he went and got his little plastic screwdriver. Did he understand what it was for?