Day #2284 (Tue., Apr. 5, 2016) – Bobby’s First Celery

2016-04-05 - ShopkinsI thought I would show a picture of the “Shopkins” that Katie has been playing with lately (see photo to the left).

On the drive to Glenwood this morning Katie expressed once again how much she loves all animals. I asked her about bed bugs or fleas that eat you? She said that she loved them too…but that they couldn’t eat her as she was too big. She told me that at recess she likes to play vet where she is the vet and other kids are animals that she has to heal. I guess Helen likes to be a dog. Katie mentioned that Merran and Ella are not really into this game much.

Katie upset when taking toy to garbage more than losing privileges to television in the AM.

Bobby reaches for knife…will look back at you to see if you approve.

Give Bobby celery. Some mascarpone cheese on a buckwheat cracker. Will eat most anything these days…but have to keep an eye on him that he doesn’t choke.