Day #2311 (Mon., May 2, 2016) – Katie’s Stomach Hurts

Katie’s stomach hurt so my wife took her to doctor this morning. She ate a whole bag of juicy fruits yesterday could that be why? She also has a rash on her face. The doctor thinks it is not related. I stayed home from work today due to my bad leg. I took care of Bobby til wife comes back from the doctor.

Oscar’s friend Alex doesn’t want our car after all. He didn’t call or anything. Oscar just said that he didn’t want it anymore…

Oscar the landscaper asked my wife to go pick up mulch at Lowe’s for him today. She hurt her back as a result. Oscar cannot drive for some reason…he takes the bus and had no vehicle.

2016-05-02 - Katie's HomeworkThe photo to the left shows Katie’s homework for this evening. She had to read these books. It’s hard to believe that she is reading at this level in kindergarten. I don’t remember doing much in kindergarten except for play!

Katie chased Bobby around the living room and kitchen this evening and he loved every minute of it. She also read books to him while he was sitting in the high chair and he cackled with delight. Once he’s able to walk they will really be great play pals!