Day #2317 (Sun., May 8, 2016) – Happy Mother’s Day

2016-05-08 - Love TreeI am feeling pretty bad today. This is one of the first times in a long while in which I got a cold/flu by myself and not with the help of one of the kids. I didn’t feel like getting out of bed but Katie wanted me to get up and celebrate Mother’s Day. For starters Katie got the newspaper “Love Tree” (see photo to the left) that we made last night and gave it to my wife. I then made breakfast for the family and it was back to bed for daddy…

After a nice restful nap I put the 1967 cartoon version of the “Jungle Book” movie on television courtesy of YouTube. Bobby sat on the high chair next to me playing with a bowl of ice that I gave him.

Later in the afternoon I went to bed for another long nap. This one lasted about four hours, but I felt much better once I got up. My wife told me that Bobby happened to fall while crawling and gave himself a bloody lip. Later in the day he did manage to take three steps and catch onto Katie’s bed.

My wife has been wondering what to do about the entrance to the hallway as Katie tends to use this area to play Legos. Katie really doesn’t use the Lego table, except for storage, so we put it next to the cat tree and put a shelving unit in it’s place. The result is that Katie now has plenty of space to play Legos and we won’t have to trip over her as we try to go down the hallway.

Katie has been complaining of an upset stomach as of late, and tonight was one of those nights.