Day #2316 (Sat., May 7, 2016) – Jungle Book Movie

I’m not feeling well this morning. I sense that a head cold or the flu is coming on.

Bobby is starting to play more and more with cars these days. I think he is fascinated with the wheels. We played on the kitchen floor with the cars Jui Lan and Mike gave us for his birthday.

2016-05-07 - Jungle BookWe had Daddy/Daughter Day #43 today. I took to the Lumina Theater to see the movie “Jungle Book” (see photo to the left). I thought she would be scared by “Kaa” the snake but Dalia said she would love it…and she did. There was a photo cutout of Princess Leah near the entrance so I took a photo of Katie standing next to it.

When we got home Robin was playing with a little bird. We called up a phone number that is supposed to help you with this sort of a thing but the girl on the end of the line was real rude. In the end we kept the cats inside and put the bird under a bush so that its mother could find it (as she suggested).

This evening Katie and I made a newspaper “Love Tree” for Mother’s Day tomorrow. We hid it under the desk in Katie’s room so that my wife would not find it. Katie put little words on paper and taped them to the branches. Words that showed the ways in which she appreciated mommy.