Day #2315 (Fri., May 6, 2016) – PT For Daddy

I drove Katie to school and then drove on to work. She counted to 100 in the car and then we did some addition and subtraction problems. After her “morning exercises” we chatted a bit about life and stuff. This is our morning ritual and provides us with some valuable time to connect.

2016-05-06 - Bobby BathBobby sure loves his bath time (see photo to the left).

Hannah picked Katie up from school today so I didn’t need to leave work early. This is nice as I had a physical therapy appointment with Scott. I told him how I could barely walk last week and he told me that I needed to give it some time. He thinks I will be much better by six months. Let’s hope so… He tried to find the name of the guy who was renting those little fridge units to cool down my leg but could not find it. He said he will keep trying.

I had to pick up Katie from dance class at 4:40pm as Hannah needed to rush home to spend time with her mother. I guess they are going to see the performance of “42nd Street” at the DPAC. On the way home Katie and I talked a bit about Mother’s Day and what we will do. She’s very excited about giving her mother cards and gifts and I suggested breakfast in bed.

Bobby is still Bobby, crawling around, eyeing the remote, and handing it to daddy with a “humph” to put on a show he will like. I was able to feed him “almost” a whole jar of oatmeal & prunes this evening. I gave him a glass jar with a lid which seemed to hold his interest while I fed him. Usually he signals to me that he is done eating pretty soon after I start.