Day #2314 (Thu., May 5, 2016) – Selling The Sentra

2016-05-05 - TreeMy wife took Katie to school this morning as there was to be a parade just before 8am. Well, it got cancelled due to rain and my wife came home. I was talking care of Bobby, feeding him his squishy yogurt drink from the tube and watching “Baby Genius Baby Animals” on NetFlix. When she arrived back it was time for me to go to work.

My wife called me just after 10am and told me that she sold her Nissan Sentra. They were supposed to email or call but they didn’t so my wife was surprised they ended up at the bank. At any rate, my wife bundled up Bobby and off to the bank they went. The whole transaction took about 10 minutes. Much harder to get people to communicate simple things like where you will be and when.

At work they gave us a free tree (see photo to the left) in honor of an upcoming business venture with a British company. I’m sure that Katie will be eager to plant it.

When I got home from work this evening Arnesa was on Skype from New York. She will be returning to Chapel Hill tomorrow night. Bobby was not sure what to do at first but eventually he started handing her the remote and responding with “La Da La Da La Da” when she asked him to.

I was so tired when I got home that I went right to bed and got up after 8pm. I asked my wife to wake me if she needed me but she managed to put the kids to bed without me tonight.