Day #2313 (Wed., May 4, 2016) – 2/10 Eggs Hatch

I’m still hobbling around and my wife has a bad back and Katie has a fractured toe. Only Bobby is the healthy one in our house these days. Katie was reading a book this morning when her mother asked her to put on her shoes. We’re going to have to adopt a “Tell Once Then Punish” philosophy as she just doesn’t listen to what she is told to do.

I picked up Katie at 2:30pm today and drove her home. My leg is acting up so I had to use my cane. She told me that they are not sure why 10 out of the 12 eggs didn’t hatch, but another teacher who had a full pen of chicks brought one of them over to their home room.

Katie read for most of the way home. She had a book that she left in the backseat for just this purpose. My wife remarked at how into reading Katie is these days. I then drove back to work.

2016-05-04 - AdThis evening I hobbled to doctor Sam and he told me that he could give me a cortisone shot but thinks that my leg will get better within two months. He suggested I just take two diclophenac pills every day and see how it goes. While waiting for him I came across an ad for a game that emphasizes adding and subtracting (see photo to the right). I’m sure Katie will love it.