Day #2320 (Wed., May 11, 2016) – The Damaged Oak Tree

My wife took Katie to school this morning as they were having a children’s parade. I stayed with Bobby til Arnesa came at 8am.

My wife talked to Dr. Ryan about the “math week” we talked about last night. Apparently Dr. Ryan was already planning something along this line. This is good as my wife will be able to participate and help out but will not be responsible for the overall success or deployment.

2016-05-11 - Oak TreeYou can see the damaged oak tree in front of our house in the photo to the right. The arrow shows the damaged area. I was asking around and Matthew at work knows of a guy who too out 9 big trees in his yard for $800. That’s a great deal since we had one estimate of $3800 for one tree. He lives in Youngsville and has a 70 foot crane. Certainly worth a try…

Bobby weighed in at 30 lbs 2.5 oz this evening.

I was not totally sleepy this evening so I decided that I would go and see a movie this evening…”Captain America Civil War”. It won’t be long before Bobby and I go to see movies like this for Daddy/Son days. If he is anything like me when I was a child he will love them. I’m reminded of Luke, a former classmate of Katie’s at her preschool. He used to always wear superhero clothes and his mother said that she had a hard time getting him out of them.