Day #2321 (Thu., May 12, 2016) – Fireman Bobby

I drove Katie to Glenwood this morning. For some reason she asked me if we could get a hammock. That’s my girl! The only thing I would love more than getting a hammock is sleeping in it… This brought up a discussion of finances and I told her that one of the lessons in life she needed to learn is to not buy anything (with the exception of a house) unless you can afford it. Putting items on credit cards and not paying them off at the end of the month is a sure ticket to the poorhouse.

2016-05-12 - Fireman BobbyArnesa took Bobby for a walk this afternoon and they happened to come across a fire truck at the end of Mount Bolus (see photo to the right). The fireman gave Bobby a tour and even let him fire off the horn. Bobby was very excited I’m sure…

The tree removers from Youngsville came by to assess our oak tree today. They said it definitely has to come down as even the roots are rotting. They said it would be around $2000….definitely cheaper than the $3800 quote the other guy gave us.

I was exhausted when I got home from work. I entertained Bobby while my wife put Katie to bed but as soon as she tried to put Bobby to bed I went to bed as well. I slept through the night without even having dinner.