Day #2322 (Fri., May 13, 2016) – Bedtime Math

2016-05-13 - Bedtime MathThe photo to the right shows the math books that my wife reads to Katie when putting her to bed these days.

On the drive to Glenwood this morning Katie wanted to play “Bigger Than A Breadbox”. She thought of an animal and I tried to guess it. I said “chicken” and she said no. In the end the animal in question was a “chick”, a baby chicken, which in Katie’s eyes was different.

I was talking to a co-worker in the elevator. He told me that he is taking his family to Great Wolf Lodge near Charlotte this weekend. Apparently Groupon has great some great deals from time-to-time. He got a deal on a one night stay at the resort for two adults and two children with a $50 meal voucher for $149. We’ll have to go down there once my leg gets better.

My wife has gotten the cold/flu that Bobby had and it appears Bobby got it from me. She asked me to come home early tonight as she’s having a tough time. Luckily Arnesa is able to take care of the kids during the day.