Day #2329 (Fri., May 20, 2016) – Bobby Sees A Deer

The raccoon did a number on our cat door…the latch is broken now. My wife put the cat food up on a table as she was told raccoons cannot jump. This turned out to be false. She only needed to put the dry cat food up as the raccoons apparently do not like the tuna we get from TJ’s.

Katie went to the school library today where the older kids showed various science experiments. For example, a volcano.

2016-05-20 - Bobby Sees A DeerEleri pushed Katie after school today. Apparently Jack was there and asked her to apologize but she would not. He said that there would be consequences… We’ll see.

Bobby saw a deer in our backyard this evening (see photo to the right).

Bobby is really into YouTube videos… Here are his three favorites:
1) Macarena – The original version.
2) Baby Genius – Baby Animals – Actually on Netflix.
3) Dick Van Dyke – I am a fine musician. An old standby that Katie loved as well.