Day #2328 (Thu., May 19, 2016) – Making Plywood At School

On the drive to Glenwood this morning Katie told me that they made plywood in school yesterday. Wood, sandpaper and it sticks together by itself.

I went back home to get my hard drive after I dropped Katie off. I want to get all the baby photos of Katie and Bobby into the Cloud before these external hard drives crash. The internet speed is much quicker at work.

2016-05-19 - Mouse & SweaterWhen I got home from work this evening Katie gave me a present. A moose with a sweater (see photo to the right). She asked if she could put it on my bed so that I will sleep with it and I gave her the okay.

Bobby is still crawling around a bit… Katie was off to the races once she learned to walk. Bobby is taking his sweet time, but he does have one leg off the ground when he crawls now, so he’s heading in the right direction. We’re counting our blessings because we know once he starts walking there will be no stopping him.

We’re still having raccoon problems. They (or one) comes in through the cat door in the middle of the night. The dry cat food is the draw, they don’t like the tuna. My wife read that they cannot jump so she put a table into the laundry room and the dry cat food on top. I’m not too optimistic…I think it will need to be secured to the wall, but we’ll see…