Day #2332 (Mon., May 23, 2016) – Katie’s New Nightstand

I talked to Katie about Eleri in the car on the way to Glenwood this morning. It bothers me that she is doing all these nasty things to Katie and Katie still talks to her. Katie has to learn what these bullies are all about, so it might be a good lesson for her as she gets older. At the same time, it’s wasting her time and tarnishing all those preschool and kindergarten memories…

2016-05-23 - NightstandWhen I got home from work this evening there was a big truck with a bulldozer at Steven & Genevieve’s house. Today is the day that they get their sewer fixed.

As soon as Bobby saw me he picked up my wife’s cellphone as if to give it to me. He knows that daddy is for “entertainment”. This kid can’t seem to get enough of technology…and music as well. My wife and I were saying that if he continues to show interest in music we will sign him up for the Suzuki method.

A nightstand shelf came today and my wife assembled it and put it into Katie’s bedroom (see photo to the left). It’s a perfect place to keep her tissues and other “nick nacks”.