Day #2333 (Tue., May 24, 2016) – Big Truck

On the drive to Glenwood this morning Katie was clutching a card that she made for Helen. She told me that she was never going to make a card for Eleri. She seemed excited that Eleri would be at school today so that she could try out the strategies that I suggested.
My wife told me that Vanessa is on vacation this week and took Eleri to the beach. This is why we have not seen her around.

2016-05-24 - Big TruckThere was a big truck on the street outside our house this evening. It brought a bobcat bulldozer over to our neighbor’s house to take away the downed trees. Soon my wife and Katie came out as well. I took Bobby out to see it and he was a bit scared but Katie calmed him down by patting his head (see photo to the left).

We met Genevieve’s dad outside with Gunther. He will be staying til Memorial Day weekend and will then fly back to Utah.