Day #2335 (Thu., May 26, 2016) – Fascinated With Electrical Wires

2016-05-26 - Field Trip GroupsKatie has become a real fast counter to 100 these days. We usually count to 100 and then do a few addition/subtraction problems and then talk about whatever she wants to. She is sure looking forward to the field trip tomorrow. The photo to the left shows the various groups.

My wife told Katie that she needed to make sure that she ran around after school and had a good time as this will be one of the only times left before the school year ends. As it turns out Murren and Chloe would not let her be a door holder so she was quite upset and didn’t want to play after school. I’m trying to instill in her that there will always be people who want to make your life miserable so you need to just ignore them and move on to people who do love you. I think she will get this principle over time… I wished I had someone teach me these life lessons when I was younger.

My wife told me that Katie does not want to enroll in any summer camps this year, she just wants to hang out at the house and have our new nanny take her to the pool and teach her how to swim. This will be very much like the summers I used to spend as a child…rather fun and carefree… I think it will be good for her. We can always enroll her in an art camp here and there if she is interested.

Bobby is fascinated with electrical wires. This evening he got playing with the plug from the laptop to the wall. He was able to pull it out of the wall but not put it back in. He has such a cackle of excitement when he’s involved with things like this.