Day #2336 (Fri., May 27, 2016) – Arnesa’s Last Day

Katie was very excited on the drive to Glenwood this morning as today is the day for the field trip to the science museum in Durham that she has been waiting for. We got joking about how great it would be to have a field trip to mattress world where we could spend all day just sleeping and trying out all the various mattresses. She’s become quite a jokester and played along quite a bit. In the end she said “Daddy, you know I”m joking right?”… But of course… 🙂

2016-05-27 - Daddy's HairBobby definitely has daddy’s hair. Flat on top and bushy and curly on the sides (see photo to the right).

Katie went to bed very excited this evening. We told her that there would be a big surprise for her tomorrow but did not tell her what it would be…

We just got an email that Katie’s dance recital is coming up on June 4th. She will be in two dances: Quilt Squares (the 1st one) and Merry-go-Round Horses (almost at the very end).

Today is Arnesa’s last day for at least a while. She is flying home on Sunday and we will have a new nanny starting on Tuesday as Monday is Memorial Day. I plan to take the day off to meet her and acquaint her with our processes as my wife has to work. Arnesa is going to miss Bobby and plans to do regular Skype calls so that she can keep in touch.